About Us

180°F Cafe, located on West Broad St, is the best cafe in Athens, Georgia for bubble tea! The teas are brewed fresh every morning along with the soft and sweet tapioca boba.

Here at  180°F Cafe, we use the highest quality flavors, creamer, and homemade sucrose to make each tea taste great. Though the teas set us apart from other cafes, our food is even better.

180°F offers Taiwanese, Thai, Japanese, and American cuisine. From gyozas and katsus, to “Wu Xiang, 五香” (meaning five spice in Chinese) bento meals and fried tofu, to Thai fish cakes and the biggest chicken wings in town, 180°F Cafe has it all.

Scott Guo is the owner of 180°F Cafe. He has been a chef for over 30 years and has vast experience in the kitchen and owning restaurants.